Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vintage Hem Raves

I received my slip yesterday and absolutely LOVE IT!! It goes great with not one, not two but THREE of my dresses! Thanks again, I will definitely be telling my friends about your store!

Mother's Day Giveaway Winner Amber:
"I just brought in the mail and the gorgeous black slip you sent me has arrived. Now I have two perfect slips to wear under any dress or skirt. They fit me like a glove too! I recently wore my all black slip under a very cute but slightly sheer minidress to a graduation party. My slip saved the day! I looked super cute and nobody could see through my dress. Plus, the flouncy ruffle gave my tunic-style dress a small but cute feminine touch. Thank you again, I will definitely be back to Vintage Hem soon!

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Brittnie said...

Jennifer- after all of our emails back and forth< i'm finally getting around to ordering and here I see a rave from another Brittnie spelled my way- it's so rare! What a small world!