Tuesday, September 22, 2009

VH Featured Boutique, Hip Chic

The featured Hip Chic Boutique is located in Historic Camp Bowie Mercantile and has a manager with an eye for detail. During the design process of Hip Chic boutique, Chris hand picked paint colors, fabric swatches, and display fixtures to create the perfect atmosphere for her customer. During market she was carrying around her color board and samples. I can tell from her excitement that her passion will carryover into her customer service making a visit to her store feel like you are meeting up with an old friend.

That feeling was created by the boutique being brought into existence by a pair of friends. Her and her longtime friend Brenda have successfully created a romantic store for the refined shopper. Texas women love to layer and are very elegant in their apparel. These two friends below Brenda & Chris have a lot to offer shoppers at Hip Chic Boutique.
The store carries several of our Vintage Hems including Effie's Dessert in Dark Biscotti and Lady Vanilla and also our customer favorite, Have a Ball in all black. You can view more of the product lines that they carry by visiting their website at Hip Chic Boutique. The store is located amidst a mecca of 200 shops offering antiques, jewelry, fashion, and decor. I hope you bring a good shopping buddy if you decide to visit. I would pack a snack because it sounds like you will be in there for a long time!!!

Hip Chic Boutique
817 377 0910
7200 Camp Bowie Blvd
Fort Worth, TX