Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Brace Yourself Effie!

Here is a cell phone picture of a Vintage Hem converted with the poladroid. The model is one of my fabulous sisters Stephanie. She is the namesake of our slip Effie's Dessert and she wears it beautifully. I am going to try and create a little collection of all the different ways she wears it. To start it off, here she is with Lady Vanilla pairing it with a darling cotton dress and trendy grey boots.

Somewhere along the way one of Stephanie's nicknames became Effie. Maybe it came at the end of a rope where we were skimming the cold but happy waves of Lake Washington on a water tube. Quite possibly it could have been when I fastened her with ropes of tights to her daybed and sang endless rhymes torturing her and her cabbage patch dolls attempting to make her pee her pants from giggles. She has been called Effie as long as I can remember, even when I was walking a tight rope in my life and scared people which way I might fall.
She has always been there for me whether I am scaring her or making her laugh and I love her dearly for it. She forgives me, cheers me, and inspires me. She is a striking woman and can get out of traffic tickets and into VIP easier than anyone I know. The neatest thing about her is that her inner beauty matches perfectly her outer beauty which is a remarkable compliment anyone could aspire to. She gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and has a kind word for those around her. I admire her devotion to her family as she puts them first above anything else. Her husband is as brilliant and handsome as she and together they have created a wonderful family.
One of Stephanie's many talents is fashion. Whether she is shopping at Sak's or Walmart the girl knows how to put an outfit together! Lately, her and Janine have been working together to style Neenie's closet and I am quite jealous of the fun they are having together. Neenie told me that she daringly paired some cheetah heels with an outfit inspired by Stephanie. While it is never good to be overly obsessed with materialistic things, creating physical beauty and comfort to surround our families in is definitely a worthy pursuit.