Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Brace Yourself Effie!

Here is a cell phone picture of a Vintage Hem converted with the poladroid. The model is one of my fabulous sisters Stephanie. She is the namesake of our slip Effie's Dessert and she wears it beautifully. I am going to try and create a little collection of all the different ways she wears it. To start it off, here she is with Lady Vanilla pairing it with a darling cotton dress and trendy grey boots.

Somewhere along the way one of Stephanie's nicknames became Effie. Maybe it came at the end of a rope where we were skimming the cold but happy waves of Lake Washington on a water tube. Quite possibly it could have been when I fastened her with ropes of tights to her daybed and sang endless rhymes torturing her and her cabbage patch dolls attempting to make her pee her pants from giggles. She has been called Effie as long as I can remember, even when I was walking a tight rope in my life and scared people which way I might fall.
She has always been there for me whether I am scaring her or making her laugh and I love her dearly for it. She forgives me, cheers me, and inspires me. She is a striking woman and can get out of traffic tickets and into VIP easier than anyone I know. The neatest thing about her is that her inner beauty matches perfectly her outer beauty which is a remarkable compliment anyone could aspire to. She gives everyone the benefit of the doubt and has a kind word for those around her. I admire her devotion to her family as she puts them first above anything else. Her husband is as brilliant and handsome as she and together they have created a wonderful family.
One of Stephanie's many talents is fashion. Whether she is shopping at Sak's or Walmart the girl knows how to put an outfit together! Lately, her and Janine have been working together to style Neenie's closet and I am quite jealous of the fun they are having together. Neenie told me that she daringly paired some cheetah heels with an outfit inspired by Stephanie. While it is never good to be overly obsessed with materialistic things, creating physical beauty and comfort to surround our families in is definitely a worthy pursuit.

Monday, November 30, 2009


Vintage Hem added 2 more colors of our tulle slips to the half off sale! You can get antique gold and ivory HALF OFF TODAY! The antique gold is my absolute favorite tulle slip. It looks dynamite under your winter pencil skirts. You can see Have a Ball in antique gold styled above by Eliza Magazine.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Half Off Hems*

"Thank you for making such beautiful, modest accessories! This is my second order, and I am so thrilled you are having a sale so I can add to my collection!"

That is one of the many customer compliments we have received in response to our Holiday Sale. We so appreciate customer feedback and are enjoying the opportunity to thank you for your business with Half off Hems for the entire holiday weekend. *Get yours while select styles last!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Half of Select Hems for the Holiday Weekend from the Gals at Vintage Hem! Happy Thanksgiving from Jennifer & Janine.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hemlines and Happiness

This time of year when we are expressing gratitude, I especially appreciate how women of different faiths can unite on the importance of balancing fashion and modesty. The media distracts women by focusing only on their outer appearance. Raising three daughters makes me so grateful for a sisterhood among women. Together we can celebrate our beautiful divinity and can reflect our knowledge of it in our apparel. Hallie Lord recently wrote a post on The Faith & Family Blog kindly complimenting our Vintage Hems and her appreciation for how they help her keep her modest standards. We love it when people express their favor of our frills, so thank you Halle! And a Happy Thanksgiving to all!
A Little About Hallie Lord:

Hallie Lord married her dashing husband, Dan, in the fall of 2001 (the same year, coincidentally, that she joyfully converted to the Catholic faith). They now happily reside in the deep South with their two energetic boys and two very sassy girls. In her *ample* spare time, Hallie enjoys cheap wine, strong coffee, long runs, fresh flowers, vintage fashion, dark chocolate, Ella Fitzgerald and overpriced candles. She also blogs from time to time about Marriage, Moxie and Modesty with a Vintage Twist at BettyBeguiles.com.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Vintage Hem Customer Spotlight: Mayor Love

If you have been keeping up with the news lately you probably saw this headline from The Salt Lake Tribune, "History in Saratoga Springs: Utah's first black woman mayor." The Gals at Vintage Hem would love to congratulate Mia on a well earned office and look forward to seeing the results her dedicated service will bring to pass in her community. She credits her family and friends with helping her achieve her goals in political service especially her smart & handsome husband Jason seen congratulating her in the picture posted in the Tribune below.

Mia is a dedicated wife to Jason Love and mother to her beautiful children Alessa, Abby, and Peyton. The family is very close and enjoys camping and playing together. Both parents, take an active role in the education of their children and encourage them to pursue their individual passions.
A longtime customer of Vintage Hem, Mia has lately loved Effie's Dessert in Lady Vanilla. She originally fell in love with the moss colored Damsel in Distress which she used in a fun way to embellish her Halloween costume pictured below. Mia is not a stranger to dressing up and wore an amazing 70's outfit to my Birthday Bowling Party. Her fun sense of humor endears her to all including the 6 year olds at my daughters Vintage Glam Birthday where she tried on the prom queen sash and tiara. You are never short of intellectual conversation and humorous entertainment with darling Mia around.
Mia is an adventurous woman and loves travelling, fitness, and games. She works hard and plays hard, a mindset that is shared by her husband Jason. She is a friend to everyone she meets and serves those around her in need. We celebrate Mia as she continues to enhance her community and create a beautiful home for her family.

Video Courtesy of KSL.com

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween Giveaway!

Blog author, Tracy Wallace took one of our Vintage Hems for a test drive. You can read all about her likes and dislikes of the Have A Ball Slip in her detailed post. Tracy confessed that she did like it so much that she wanted to share one with a blogger friend. She is offering to give away a free Vintage Hem to a lucky blog commenter. In between Halloween parties be sure to visit her blog! Thanks Tracy for Saying it With a Slip! You only have until October 31st to enter the latest giveaway featured on The Just For You and Me Blog.

VH Featured Boutique, Blend Fashions

Where the Latest Fashions Come Together
Address: 285 East State Road
Pleasant Grove, Utah

Some of our hems are available in a local store, Blend Fashion, in Pleasant Grove, UT. They have Effie's Dessert, Neenie's Cup of Tea in Chammomile, and also Damsel in Distress in Blush. Vintage Hem slips are a great addition to their inventory which caters toward the modesty minded customer, One of my favorite lines they carry is Undertease designed by Suzie Broadbent. Get hot tips on the trends by visiting the Blend blog. For all of you that love to shop online you can also browse their shopper friendly website which features several affordable style options.
The store, Blend Fashions. was created from the ideas of two dynamic women.

Shellie Slade, co-founder of modbod, wanted to have a clothing line that her girls would be able to wear. "It's so difficult to find dresses and clothes for my daughters that are not revealing" So in 2004 ModBod was created and evolved from their MiniMod line, to their ModBod line and now into more trendy fashionable clothes for the modern body.

Amanda Behrbom, creator of Blend Fashions, was tired of finding the same fashions in Utah. So after partnering up with Undertease and Shellie she decided to bring the two companies together and create a new trend. Only in our modern store, Blend Fashions, will you find ModBod and Undertease in the same place. "I wanted women to fall in love with our unique styles that you can easily layer with our modbod's or our Undertease shirts." With our modbod fashion line nothing is over $75 dollars and for those looking for a higher line of clothing we will have our boutique side of our Undertease fashion line. We are so excited for this new combination of companies and can't wait for you to experience it yourself!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

VH Featured Boutique, Hip Chic

The featured Hip Chic Boutique is located in Historic Camp Bowie Mercantile and has a manager with an eye for detail. During the design process of Hip Chic boutique, Chris hand picked paint colors, fabric swatches, and display fixtures to create the perfect atmosphere for her customer. During market she was carrying around her color board and samples. I can tell from her excitement that her passion will carryover into her customer service making a visit to her store feel like you are meeting up with an old friend.

That feeling was created by the boutique being brought into existence by a pair of friends. Her and her longtime friend Brenda have successfully created a romantic store for the refined shopper. Texas women love to layer and are very elegant in their apparel. These two friends below Brenda & Chris have a lot to offer shoppers at Hip Chic Boutique.
The store carries several of our Vintage Hems including Effie's Dessert in Dark Biscotti and Lady Vanilla and also our customer favorite, Have a Ball in all black. You can view more of the product lines that they carry by visiting their website at Hip Chic Boutique. The store is located amidst a mecca of 200 shops offering antiques, jewelry, fashion, and decor. I hope you bring a good shopping buddy if you decide to visit. I would pack a snack because it sounds like you will be in there for a long time!!!

Hip Chic Boutique
817 377 0910
7200 Camp Bowie Blvd
Fort Worth, TX

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Clothed Much

Congrats to the winner of a Vintage Hem slip on the Eliza Magazine Blog giveaway. Eliza announced the lucky blogger on their blog and she is a local, Elaine H. from Salt Lake City. She won an all black, Have A Ball tulle slip. Elaine writes about her penchant for fashion on her blog titled Clothed Much. Elaine even has a fashion illustration depicting her; you can see how cute it is above.

The Gals at Vintage Hem love love love Eliza Mag because it highlights today's hot fashions in an uplifting and artful way that celebrates womanhood. It is classic style full of fresh sass. Here is a preview Editor Summer Bellessa gave about their newest issue highlighting travel:

Open the matte pages of our travel issue and embark on an intercontinental experience. We start in lovely Paris with fashion stories “French Kiss” and “Ooh La La” and a much needed “Chocoholics’ Guide.” Then we soak up the British style in “Hello London.” Head east and you will discover our travel picks for Jordan. Keep going to learn about Eastern medicine.

Then jet set to Nigeria, previous home of actress Hope Olaide Wilson; OppegĂ„rd, Norway is home to singer Sissy Wish; see “Russia with Love” for beauty inspiration; and in Peru see how “Micro-Loans can Save the World.”

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Plasticland, VH Featured Boutique

So What is Plasticland?
by Jordan & Rebecca, Owners

The first thing we are always asked is, "How did you come up with the name?" Naming the company "Plasticland" was our little tongue-in-cheek way of poking fun at the fashion world and all that it encompasses – from Fake Breasts, to Barbie Dolls, to Paris Hilton, and so on... there is always something in fashion that is so ridiculous and plastic. The name reminds us that Fashion is all just in fun and that we should never take ourselves too seriously :)

We (Rebecca Nyhus & Jordan Berry) started Plasticland back in 2002 as an alternative to the super trendy, cookie-cutter fashions found at the mall. Both of us being artists, we craved a much more unique selection of products that would allow us to express our own individual style. Influenced by a love for music, art, black & white movies, comics & cartoons, all things Japanese, and almost anything from the 50's - Plasticland was born in San Diego, California, in the vibrant uptown Hillcrest district - the perfect match for an alternative fashion boutique. In 2005, the lure of the internet got to us, and we made the decision to close our beloved boutique. A sad day for sure, but we were very excited to focus solely on the new frontier of online business! So we packed our bags and left California, heading east for the great state of Texas.

With our new digs polished and prepped, we were able to expand our site from a fashion boutique, to a lifestyle boutique - adding home decor and gift items to our ever growing catalog of retro, punk, mod, rockabilly, gothic, urban, and Japanese street inspired fashions. We are also looking forward to future expansion through an exclusive line of products that we are designing just for our site – coming soon! Though business has grown enormously since we started, we have kept the company small and continue to run it ourselves to ensure a more personal experience for our customers. We hope you enjoy our website, and have the best possible online experience at ShopPlasticland.com! If for any reason you don't, please don't hesitate to tell us, we promise we will always do our best to make our customers happy.

Plasticland carries our Have a Ball tulle slip in all black.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Monday, July 20, 2009

7 23 09 Good Things Utah!

This week Vintage Hem will be featured on Alicia Richmond's Chic on a Shoestring. You can view the segment on July 23rd ABC 4, Good Things Utah at 10 am. Alicia always highlights current fashion trends keeping in mind that most women are budget concious when it comes to shopping for their personal wardrobe. This week she is featuring items that women wear under their clothes! Check it ou!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Vintage Hem Customer Spotlight: Brittany

Tell us about you?
I love high heels and pedicures. I'm a total sucker for movies based on a true story and I buy everything the door-to-door salesmen are selling. I wish I had more time to read. I'm a budgeter and debt free junkie. I love autumn and my favorite vacations are weekend trips to cold places like New York and San Franscisco. I dream of driving a small, fast car and living in a condo in the city. I hate camping, grocery shopping and doing laundry. I'm a bit of a closet feminist and I homebirthed two of my kids. I collect cake stands, I think I have at least 20. I'm just starting a party consulting business. It's so much work, but I love it. I'm always planning a party in my head.

Tell us about your family?
I have one wonderful husband and four crazy kiddos. We have a lot of fun together. We currently live in Davis County, UT.

What would we find in your refrigerator right now?
Lots of organic greens and vegetables. Nuts & seeds. Hemp milk, almond milk, rice milk. Vegan leftovers. Yeah, no meat here.

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be?
Audrey Hepburn. She seemed like such a glamorous, sweet, genuine person.

What was the last movie you went to see?
Night at the Museum 2. We took the kids to see it.

What is your favorite song?
Oh, don't get me started. Lately I love "Charm Attack" by Leona Naess and "Rain On My Tin Roof" by the Avett Brothers or "I Still Care for You" by Ray LaMontagne (my husband went to highschool with him). But my real love will always be old 80's alternative. 

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?
Not a superhero, I'd be Mary Poppins.

What is the one thing you are most proud of?
My four beautiful children. 

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
France. But I've never been there. Yet. 

What is your best secret (that you're willing to share)?
I hate to shave my legs. I went my whole senior year of high school without shaving my legs, just to see if I could. I was in another crazy phase of not shaving in college when I met my husband. He married me anyway. Even now, I usually only shave on Sunday or for swimming. I wear jeans all summer long, just ask my sister.

What is your favorite Vintage Hem?
I currently have five slips. But Eyelet Tower is my favorite--it goes with everything.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Creative Giveaway

Along with a comment below, email me at janine@vintagehem.com and show me with your pictures how you wear your favorite Vintage Hems.  Make sure to include in your email your "blogger id" so I can identify you...and perhaps your pic will even be featured on our blog!  This giveaway will be going on throughout the month of June...and the slip to be given away is a surprise!   I wear my VH's around town (and out of town) all the time...where do you wear yours? What's your favorite way to get creative with your hem? Ready, set, go ladies!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh yes I did!

Here is a picture of me (Janine) in a shirt (yes shirt) with an instant VH classic, Effie's Dessert in black.  I intended to wear the shirt with jeans, but this worked so well and I was thrilled with the results.  

We want to know how you are wearing your Vintage Hems!  Let's start by emailing me pictures of yourselves in your fav slip!  We are so excited to see how you've made them your own.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Featured VH Boutique, VINTAGE FOX

Vintage Fox Boutique is a delicious offering to the shopper's palate. The friendly and fashionable owner Jen provides private styling and brings a unique flavor to the Salt Lake fashion frontier. She wants to help Utah not be 10 years behind the fashion world and she accomplishes that goal by offering customers both fresh funky style and timeless fashions. Her motto is something for everyone: rich, poor, young, and old!

Jen delivers impeccable customer service from the minute you are welcomed in the door to when you leave with all your beautifully wrapped goodie bags. I admit I don't have a passion or giant budget for fashion, but I am astounded with her unique finds and fabulous price points. It is hard for me to walk out of the store without purchasing something. The boutique is located in Sojo Salon which is very convenient if you are multi-tasking! They recently hosted a fashion show which you can see the pictures from on the fashion blog www.jchicboutique.com. You can preview inventory online and even shop at the website www.vintagefoxboutique.com. Jen currently stocks our tulle, Have a Ball Vintage Hems in gold, ivory, and black along with Effie's Dessert in Lady Vanilla. Vintage Fox Boutique is located in Sojo Salon at 1098 W. S. Jordan Pkwy in South JORDAN, UT.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Vintage Hem Raves

I received my slip yesterday and absolutely LOVE IT!! It goes great with not one, not two but THREE of my dresses! Thanks again, I will definitely be telling my friends about your store!

Mother's Day Giveaway Winner Amber:
"I just brought in the mail and the gorgeous black slip you sent me has arrived. Now I have two perfect slips to wear under any dress or skirt. They fit me like a glove too! I recently wore my all black slip under a very cute but slightly sheer minidress to a graduation party. My slip saved the day! I looked super cute and nobody could see through my dress. Plus, the flouncy ruffle gave my tunic-style dress a small but cute feminine touch. Thank you again, I will definitely be back to Vintage Hem soon!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer Dress with Have a Ball in gold tulle

I found these cute pictures from our booth at the Atlanta Market and decided to post them even though it has been awhile. Check out the rep from T Bleu/Young Essence, Jamie wearing "Have a Ball" Gold with one of her darling dresses from her summer line. She is super sassy especially in her orange and cheetah heels.

Monday, May 11, 2009

VH Featured Boutique, Karma

If you like to have fun shopping while combining great style and value, Karma Boutique in Pleasant Grove, UT is your place to shop! The owner Kristi, shown above in our gold tulle slip, is a spitfire of positive energy radiating kindness-truly indicative of her store name Karma. Her ensembles reflect her funky personal style & she has a talent for helping you find yours. Karma carries an eclectic array of accessories and sassy clothes. I was happy to find a local jewelry designer, Annie M was carried there so I could procure a dangley charm bracelet for my sister's birthday. We recently held Kristi's feet to the fire to get the scoop on her store. You can find her jovial answers below, but feel free to stop in the store for great buys and a fun new friend!

1. What inspired you to open your store?
I love to shop and share my finds with family and friends! So opening Karma and expanding it to include more wonderful people, EVEN BETTER!

2. How did you come up with the name?
I believe in Karma, love Karma, try to live for good Karma in everyway! It also works perfectly for fashions, hold on to your favorite pieces for they seem to always "come back around"...

3. What is your best buy under $30
With denim being our best-seller, our best buy under $30 would be our great T-shirt selection!

4. What is your fav thing to wear?
Hmmm, I have too many favorites...anything with bling and animal print I tend to snatch - paired with a great pair of jeans and I'm near heaven!

5. Easiest way to sass up your wardrobe for spring?
Sass up your wardrobe with our to-die-for gold or silver gladiator sandals, also under $30, paired with a maxi dress...complimentary for all body types!

Karma Boutique
85 South Main Street
Pleasant Grove, Ut 84062
t-s 11-6p 801.796.1121

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sammy chooses a Winner!

Jennifer's Mom picked Amber as her choice to win our all black tulle slip! Thank you to all of your for participating in our Mother's Day Giveaway. Your sincere comments made it very difficult for our mommas to choose a winner. Happy Mother's Day!

Amber said...
My mom is an incredible mother figure and I am so grateful for all that she has taught me. My mom taught me how to be a lady - but also how important it was to stand up for my own beliefs and think for myself. She has definitely molded me into the strong and independent woman that I am today. Now, we are truly more best friends and we see each other as equals. There is nobody that I love more in this world.Thank you for the giveaway :)hurdler4eva(at)gmail(dot)com
5/5/09 9:11 PM

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

With a little pleading, I got Jenn to relinquish some details about her growing up and her life now so we could all gain a little more insight into her lovely life.  I thought there would be no more fitting day to debut this than her birthday which is today!  Please feel free to leave her a comment and wish her a happy day!  Thank you~ Janine

I was born in PaysonUT and so was the celebrity singer Jewel if you can believe it.  Yes, there is a hospital in Payson and I was not born in a pool in someone’s back yard.  My mom had me when she was 19 and the nurse was giving her a hard time doubting that my mom knew anything about labor and childbirth.  When my mom finally insisted she be checked, the nurse saw my head coming covered with a thick layer of of dark hair almost looking like a darling little Navajo baby in need of a papoose swaddling.


I am the oldest of 5 and have been blessed with many inspiring siblings, parents, and relatives through my parent’s blending of families.  As a young girl, I was extremely creative and was always donning a costume overseeing production numbers.  I was very bossy and intense to those who knew me closely, but shy in public.  I was a big helper and very resourceful in my family.  I loved to collect paper dolls and had a passion for reading, both hobbies which were fed by the generosity of my Nannie.  I would read by a dim light hiding in a covert location in the basement instead of going to bed.  Apparently, I have always been entrepreneurial and sold my sister Stephanie some used mixed tapes with additional charges for writing down the lyrics for her.  I loved to lay out her clothes for her and spent hours with intricate braids and curls on her golden head.  My other sister Kelsey, did not appreciate my hair skills and thought my beauty salon manner was a little harsh with severe braids.   I wrestled my brother Chad until he got so big I had to hide in a locked bathroom and I always tried to coddle Winn & Danny the babies.


I loved Debate team in highschool and that is where I met my sweet hubby Jason when I was a sophomore-we have been debating ever since! I went to community college in Imperial Valley CA while Jason finished his Naval enlistment and then transferred to BYU graduating in Finance in 2000.  I had an invitation to consider law school which had always been a career interest to me.  A calling to motherhood arrived instead of post-graduate work and I spent the next few years in baby bliss refining the domestic arts being nurtured by all the wonderful examples of parenthood surrounding me.


This year I am 32 and well loved and supported by family and friends despite my many imperfections.  I am thankful for the opportunity to attend to my most precious role as a mother and dabble with Vintage Hem on the side.  I have learned a lot from the many talented people around me and quite a bit from my own mistakes.  I am grateful to be a member of the LDS church which enhances my knowledge of the Savior’s great plan of happiness for me and my family.  I am truly blessed and grateful for the good parts.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Grandma Penny

My love of business and true entrepreneurial spirit comes from my mom, Penelope Jay Hansen (Penny).  She has always been involved in various activities while still managing to be a superb mother and now, grandmother.    Her love for business and keeping busy with multiple tasks while still placing family first, amazes me and I'm always in awe of her ability to drop whatever she has going on if one of her children (or grandchildren) need her.  While I am fulfilled in my role as a mother and wife, I knew from the very moment that I thought of starting a business, my challenge would always be to find the balance between family and Vintage Hem.  My mom continually encourages me, as she has from day one, to find that time for all things that are important, but that family should always come first.  

My mother has always been feminine in her dress and ignited my love for fashion at an early age.  As many can attest, you would have been hard pressed to find me in anything other than a dress when I was young, and I'm thankful that my mother possessed such a love of femininity that she enjoyed seeing me in dresses every day.  She taught me the value of good manners, not to lift myself up, but to help others feel more comfortable around me; she and my Grandma Sheila are responsible for instilling a love for manners and etiquette that I continue to try and polish which is like trying to polish a huge silver punch bowl, a continual process.

Penny is famous (at least in my circle of friends) for her one-liners.  She is always creating new ways to instill important principles in our lives and this is a great and creative way to do it. Things such as "don't throw the baby out with the bath water" or "Never allow how another person to determine who you are going to be and how you are going to act".  These phrases, among many others, have been embedded in my heart; they are an integral part of who I am becoming as a woman, a wife, and a mother.  
Whenever there is a spare moment, my mother encourages me to read to my children, ask them about their day, take special time with each individual child, and verbally praise them for their unique personalities; she also encourages me to spend time with my husband and prize him for the wonderful man that he is. The best way to lead is by example and my mom has paved the way for me through her perseverance and survival through hard things, her love of life, and her immense dedication and loyalty to her family.  Thank you for being my friend, my shoulder to cry on, my babys' grandma, a great travel companion, but most of all thank you for being my hero.   I love you mom~  Janine

Friday, May 8, 2009

Vintage Hem Black Have a Ball giveaway Winner-Penny's choice

Thank you to everyone who participated in our giveaway, we loved reading about the women in your lives who have been most influential, that's a very special thing to write about and we appreciate your sharing that with us.  We let each of our mother's choose a winner and my (Janine's) mom chose Wendy; she said:

"Aside from my mother, the woman who has been the most influential in my life is my Aunt Margie. She always provided an outlet for me when my own life was in crisis, and taught me how strength comes from within. Her love and concern for me has influenced me my whole life, and continues to today."  

Congratulations to Wendy and Jennifer's mom Sammy will pick her winner soon, watch for that!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Momma Sam

Vintage Hem was truly inspired by my passion for romance and femininity. The women in my life blessed me with a rich heritage of talented women. My grandmothers are grand ladies that reared children and devoted their lives in service to their families and husbands.

My mother continued that legacy with her example of superfluous domestic talents oozing from her polished finger tips. My mother, Sam instilled the virtue of education in my heart and a love for service in my soul. Sam is a great example of rooting for the underdog and forgetting your troubles in their service of others. My mother has valiant love and faith never giving up and always pursuing the fearful endeavors of new life challenges. I admire her courage and fortitude, and most of all appreciate her example that when life gets hard you put your head down (beautifully coiffed of course) and get to work.

This beautiful woman I call mother gave me the gift of life and many talents to enrich it. I am so thankful for her continued love and support as I forge my own way into motherhood with 3 darling dollies and a little man on the way. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a mother. It is the best job in the world because of the diverse opportunities it allows you to explore. Without my little family to tend to I would be a complete mess blowing about the billows of the world. Family grounds me and inspires me to be better.

I am grateful for all the women who nurture me and educate me including friends many whom I have come to know through this fun endeavor Vintage Hem. As we celebrate Mother's Day, I praise all woman who love those around them including strangers in need and promote loving goodness in the world. You make the world a better place to be a part of it and for that I am ever grateful!

Happy Mother's Day 2009,

Jennifer Jensen Young

Friday, May 1, 2009

All Black Have a Ball Giveaway-Closed

The long anticipated, totally adorable, tres chic all black Have a ball is here.  This is your chance to win it!  We want to hear who as a mother figure in your life has been most influential and why?  We can't wait to hear all your wonderful comments and inspiring stories!  This giveaway will end Friday, May 8th.  

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Whimsy & Vintage Fox

Thanks to a couple of our local boutiques Whimsy in Draper and Vintage Fox in South Jordan for donating gift certificates and products to a local elementary school fundraiser. These stylish stores carry our Vintage Hem slips and we appreciate their supporting us in donating a basket for auction. The funds raised assist our local students and are so thankfully received.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Vintage Hem Gal on the Town

Carmel, California is exquisitely dotted with gourmet dining and decadent boutique shopping. Our Vintage Hem Gal, Janine recently enjoyed a much deserved weekend of R&R with her doting hubby Cord. While she was out and about she donned our darling Effie's Dessert slip in Lady Vanilla & Dark Biscotti. These cute outfits are just too cute not to share! Feel free to send us you outfit combinations with our sassy slips so we can show how you style your wardrobe with Vintage Hem.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Vintage Hem Customer Spotlight:Alison

*(janine's comments are after her answers in parenthesis in italics)

Tell us about you?

My name is Alison Holtom Montgomery and I born and raised in Idaho Falls, Idaho. I am the second of five children. My father was my high school principal and my mother an OB nurse.
I graduated Nursing School in 1993 from Ricks College. I am a Registered Nurse and currently work in an urban Pediatric Emergency Room, we are the last stop pediatric ER in the Southeast. That means we see a lot of yucky things.. Before jumping into the ER rush, I was an OB nurse for a decade..
I was a major tomboy, who only wore dresses on Sunday to church as a child. Magically one day when I was 16 I started liking dresses and shoes.. I played many high school sports, volleyball, basketball, softball and track. Needless to say I don't participate in the last one anymore..
My hobbies are Organic gardening, Painting, Shopping Blogging, Coaching and Photography.
I also believe there is a supermodel lurking in us all!!!

Tell us about your family?
I married my hubby in 1993, just months after graduating from nursing school. He was stationed in the Navy in Idaho Falls and a girlfriend of mine and I went to work out at the Navy gym, we walked in and I saw him across the basketball court and turned to my friend and said "I am going to marry him".. She laughed, at that time I had a different boyfriend every other month.. This was in Spring of 1992. Here we are 16 years of marriage later and 5 kids.
While married I have lived in the Seattle, Washington area, Boise, Idaho and in 1999 moved to Atlanta, Georgia and have been here ever since.
My kids are 14, 13, 11, 8 and 6. It is kind of freaking me out that I will have a high schooler next year.
We are a sports loving family. All the kids play team sports almost year round. I even coach my youngests T-ball team.

What would we find in your refrigerator right now?
What wouldn't you find? Here is a snippet of what is in there.
7 gallons of milk, 8 dozen eggs, 10 pounds of butter ( I love butter),
Flan, yogurt, condiments, sour cream, Dr. Pepper, etc. etc. I have garbage disposals at present. My oldest two are boys that are growing. the 14 year old is near 6'4" and the 13 is near 6".

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be?
I would trade places with my grandmother Bessie. She was born in 1906 and had a young family during the depression. I would love to experience what life was like then and compare to how different it is now. She worked all day every day until she passed away at the rope old age of 94 in 2001. I would walk a mile in her shoes. (I love my grandma too...I would take her back in a second, she was my idol in so many ways, a woman of class and elegance, love that Alison!)

What was the last movie you went to see?
Australia with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. I had to drag my hubby to see it with me.

What is your favorite song?
This may freak some of you ladies out, since I am all about modesty. I have a Heavy Metal, Hard Rock side to me.
My favorite song is One by Metallica..

If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be?
I would be able to fly!! Go anywhere at anytime. That would be Sweet!

What is the one thing you are most proud of?
When I set out to do something, nothing stands in my way. Like a good friend of mine told me, ( when he knew me "back in the day" meaning teenagedom), you got everything you wanted, I became a nurse, I have lived in different places, I found my prince charming and I had those five kids.

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?
I would love to experience a small village in Italy!

What is your best secret (that you're willing to share)?
I am addicted to Dr. Pepper and to high heels. Currently nearing 50 pair of heels alone.
Most of my name brand clothing comes from Goodwill. (having a great Goodwill is a plus to living in a great place)

What is your favorite Vintage Hem
That is a hard one, It really all depends on the outfit I am wearing.. Eyelet Tower is tops, with Dot the Great coming in Second and rounding out the top three it is a tie between Have a Ball (black and white) I love vintage hem (those of you who have read my blog, know my deep affection for it) because it changes outfits in a pinch and I am 5'10" tall and love to lengthen out my skirts, so my spider veins don't show. ;) (I think Jenn and I would have to agree with you...at least for now, without bringing the new Spring line into the mix...Eyelet Tower is our favorite slip!)