Thursday, August 27, 2009

Clothed Much

Congrats to the winner of a Vintage Hem slip on the Eliza Magazine Blog giveaway. Eliza announced the lucky blogger on their blog and she is a local, Elaine H. from Salt Lake City. She won an all black, Have A Ball tulle slip. Elaine writes about her penchant for fashion on her blog titled Clothed Much. Elaine even has a fashion illustration depicting her; you can see how cute it is above.

The Gals at Vintage Hem love love love Eliza Mag because it highlights today's hot fashions in an uplifting and artful way that celebrates womanhood. It is classic style full of fresh sass. Here is a preview Editor Summer Bellessa gave about their newest issue highlighting travel:

Open the matte pages of our travel issue and embark on an intercontinental experience. We start in lovely Paris with fashion stories “French Kiss” and “Ooh La La” and a much needed “Chocoholics’ Guide.” Then we soak up the British style in “Hello London.” Head east and you will discover our travel picks for Jordan. Keep going to learn about Eastern medicine.

Then jet set to Nigeria, previous home of actress Hope Olaide Wilson; OppegĂ„rd, Norway is home to singer Sissy Wish; see “Russia with Love” for beauty inspiration; and in Peru see how “Micro-Loans can Save the World.”

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Plasticland, VH Featured Boutique

So What is Plasticland?
by Jordan & Rebecca, Owners

The first thing we are always asked is, "How did you come up with the name?" Naming the company "Plasticland" was our little tongue-in-cheek way of poking fun at the fashion world and all that it encompasses – from Fake Breasts, to Barbie Dolls, to Paris Hilton, and so on... there is always something in fashion that is so ridiculous and plastic. The name reminds us that Fashion is all just in fun and that we should never take ourselves too seriously :)

We (Rebecca Nyhus & Jordan Berry) started Plasticland back in 2002 as an alternative to the super trendy, cookie-cutter fashions found at the mall. Both of us being artists, we craved a much more unique selection of products that would allow us to express our own individual style. Influenced by a love for music, art, black & white movies, comics & cartoons, all things Japanese, and almost anything from the 50's - Plasticland was born in San Diego, California, in the vibrant uptown Hillcrest district - the perfect match for an alternative fashion boutique. In 2005, the lure of the internet got to us, and we made the decision to close our beloved boutique. A sad day for sure, but we were very excited to focus solely on the new frontier of online business! So we packed our bags and left California, heading east for the great state of Texas.

With our new digs polished and prepped, we were able to expand our site from a fashion boutique, to a lifestyle boutique - adding home decor and gift items to our ever growing catalog of retro, punk, mod, rockabilly, gothic, urban, and Japanese street inspired fashions. We are also looking forward to future expansion through an exclusive line of products that we are designing just for our site – coming soon! Though business has grown enormously since we started, we have kept the company small and continue to run it ourselves to ensure a more personal experience for our customers. We hope you enjoy our website, and have the best possible online experience at! If for any reason you don't, please don't hesitate to tell us, we promise we will always do our best to make our customers happy.

Plasticland carries our Have a Ball tulle slip in all black.