Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Halloween Giveaway!

Blog author, Tracy Wallace took one of our Vintage Hems for a test drive. You can read all about her likes and dislikes of the Have A Ball Slip in her detailed post. Tracy confessed that she did like it so much that she wanted to share one with a blogger friend. She is offering to give away a free Vintage Hem to a lucky blog commenter. In between Halloween parties be sure to visit her blog! Thanks Tracy for Saying it With a Slip! You only have until October 31st to enter the latest giveaway featured on The Just For You and Me Blog.

VH Featured Boutique, Blend Fashions

Where the Latest Fashions Come Together
Address: 285 East State Road
Pleasant Grove, Utah

Some of our hems are available in a local store, Blend Fashion, in Pleasant Grove, UT. They have Effie's Dessert, Neenie's Cup of Tea in Chammomile, and also Damsel in Distress in Blush. Vintage Hem slips are a great addition to their inventory which caters toward the modesty minded customer, One of my favorite lines they carry is Undertease designed by Suzie Broadbent. Get hot tips on the trends by visiting the Blend blog. For all of you that love to shop online you can also browse their shopper friendly website which features several affordable style options.
The store, Blend Fashions. was created from the ideas of two dynamic women.

Shellie Slade, co-founder of modbod, wanted to have a clothing line that her girls would be able to wear. "It's so difficult to find dresses and clothes for my daughters that are not revealing" So in 2004 ModBod was created and evolved from their MiniMod line, to their ModBod line and now into more trendy fashionable clothes for the modern body.

Amanda Behrbom, creator of Blend Fashions, was tired of finding the same fashions in Utah. So after partnering up with Undertease and Shellie she decided to bring the two companies together and create a new trend. Only in our modern store, Blend Fashions, will you find ModBod and Undertease in the same place. "I wanted women to fall in love with our unique styles that you can easily layer with our modbod's or our Undertease shirts." With our modbod fashion line nothing is over $75 dollars and for those looking for a higher line of clothing we will have our boutique side of our Undertease fashion line. We are so excited for this new combination of companies and can't wait for you to experience it yourself!