Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Featured VH Boutique, Amara Day Spa

Amara has been opened for 4 years, and is a unique little boutique. They started as just a day spa in the basement of Leigh Bennett's Orem home and have now grown to a large basement in her new home in Lindon where they currently have ten employees. Amara started carrying clothing after the first year they were open and the clothing side of things has gone crazy! A few of the hot items they carry are: Anoname jeans, Miss Me jeans, Sang Real Jeans, See Through Souls, Lime Ricki swimming suits, tops, shoes, Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bags, etc…. Amara owner, Leigh says that Vintage Hem fits right in with their style and fun culture!

What inspired you to start up your business?
I have loved the industry ever since I went to school and have such a passion for esthetics, and my other second love besides my cute little family has always been shopping, I am a shopaholic so the boutique part just naturally happened:-)

What is your fav thing to wear from your store?
Right now I love Anoname jeans, they fit amazing, the Miss Me sweat suits, they are to die for, and of course we all love our Vintage Hems and can't wait till the new styles come out!!!

What is the best compliment your store received from a customer?
Our whole business was formed from word of mouth so that is a huge compliment. Most people say that our customer service is awesome and it doesn't matter who they see, it's always the same!!!

What are your top 3 secrets to running a good business?
Customer service "over the top", treat your employees like you would any customer, and staying educated on the latest trends in skin care, make-up, clothing etc…….

Who is your best employee and why?
Truly, all of my girls are the best, they each add something great to the spa, if they didn't they wouldn't work here:-) that's a tough one to answer!!!

What is cute employee Tess’s fav slip…I know she has almost every one!!
I would say the tulle ones, she wears them the most and makes them look so sassy!!! She is so excited for the new ones to arrive!!!

Amara Day Spa
Leigh Bennett
229 East 60 North
Lindon, UT 84042
Phone: 801-701-0218

Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring is here...almost!

I have been inspired by this past weeks warm weather, although waking up to snow wasn't so inspiring.  Nonetheless I'm ready for bright colors and our slips...I've been wearing our slips for the past few weeks and I'm ready to lose the leggings and go for it!  This is Eyefull of Lace.

 Spring is here!
Spring is here! - by vintagehemgirl on Polyvore.com

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monday, March 9, 2009

"A Dress A Day" Giveaway Winner

As promised, ten days and 170 wonderful comments later, we have our randomly chosen winner! Sal said, "I'm a Silk White fan - most of my whites are bright and this version would go best in my wardrobe. Thanks for doing this giveaway!" Thank you for being a fan and we're so excited to hear how it works out. Make sure and subscribe to our blog so you can keep up with all of our fantastic giveaways...we'll be doing many! Oh, and she was comment lucky number 13!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Whimsy Clothing, VH Featured Boutique

  • Vintage Hem has found another way to get our slips into your hot little hands by retailing in chic boutiques across the nation. One of our local retailers, Whimsy Clothing is carrying several styles in their 4 stores in Salt Lake County. Currently, Whimsy stocks Have A Ball in gold, white, and ivory along with Eyefull of Lace and Damsel in Distress. These slips compliment their inventory which has a flair for showcasing unique fashion trends at a respectable price.

    Whimsy was started on a “whim” to be a fun unique place to shop that offers women’s clothing and accessories in a boutique setting at affordable prices. Whimsy's owner Carol Phillips says that she has always been a clothes horse. Carol has a love for clothes & style that can be put together in totally personalized ways. She started working in retail at 15 and has always stayed in the clothing business because she loves it. Carol has several favorite styles that are completely different. Jeans with cowboy boots or skirts and heels, it doesn’t matter-she is equally comfortable in both.

    Carol shared her 3 tips that make Whimsy such a success:
    1. Great Customer service. We want every customer to know that we appreciate them.
    2. Unique looks . Whimsy likes to help customers find unique individual style that is comfortable, fun and fits their lifestyle. Whether it be career or casual.
    3. Employees that enjoy what they do and believe in our products

    The Whimsy owner's favorite thing to wear from her boutiques is the jewelry. Whimsy has such unique necklaces and earrings that accent the clothing sold there. Driving past the Draper store, you can see a Vintage Hem displayed in their window! I personally love to shop there for romantic skirts & trendy accessories at great prices. Check out all of their fresh & funky styles at one of their four locations in Draper, Layton, Salt Lake, and even Park City. Store addresses are listed on their website www.whimsyclothing.com

Monday, March 2, 2009

Technical difficulties!

As some of you have commented already, our site is down temporarily. We are trying to get it up and going by this afternoon...but we're relying on other sources so we'll all keep our fingers crossed! We love the comments, feel free to keep commenting, or, if you'd like to see the pictures, hopefully they'll be up soon. Thank you all for your patience and loyalty as we fix this internet glitch. Oh, and watch for a special discount coming soon!


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