Thursday, August 25, 2011

to let you know

From: Dana
Subject: Praise
I just wanted to let you know that I love my slips!! I have been wanting something like this for a long time and finally found your website. I debuted it on Sunday and it was a hit. Thanks so much! I hope you keep adding new ones and new lengths.


taylorpainting1 said...

I just wore my first vintage hem slip last night--the black and white polka dot one. I wore it under a black dress that has a shorter front than back and the way the slip peeked out of the front was sooo pretty. I got soo many compliments that I can't count. I am on the tallish side--5'8" tall and many dresses are too short for me. I love this new "tool" in my closet. I just ordered the eyelet tower and am sooo excited to receive it.

Jennifer and Jason Young said...

Thanks so much Lori! Send us a picture if you get a chance! We love to see how everyone wears their hems!

Rachel said...

How can I order a slip??? I'm desperate to snatch up one (or two) and need it by Sept 10. I would also love the eyelet tower in white, but it seems to be sold out online? Could you please contact me or 425.898.0506. Thanks ever so much!

Glasses said...

Great Glasses goes for the bulk market in eyewear: they offer free eye tests, and three-for-one glasses. You'll even get a spray-bottle of lens cleaner, too. They seem to have a mid-size selection of frames. (Although the bin of glasses cases that you get to pick from has some pretty wacky designs, and not enough plain ones.