Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vintage Hem Tween

Our slips are great for your darling daughters in that "tween" age! They seem to be getting taller and their hemlines aren't catching up. You can extend the life of their wardrobe and maximize your budget by adding one of our Vintage Hems.

My niece Sieauna is very talented and beautiful. She wore "Dot the Great" under this super cute black dress for a special occasion. She is a fantastic cello player among many other talents she has just like her fabulous parents. Petite small is a great size for young girls and we have quite a few of this style for sale at only $10!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Neenie's Cup of Tea is Full!

The Gals at Vintage Hem are happy to announce the arrival of Neenie's Cup of Tea in Black Licorice and an exciting new flavor Chocolate! They are available for purchase on the website now! Get yours while they last, especially Chocolate as it is sure to be a favorite and only made in limited quantities.

Milwaukee gets her Wish!

We received the following note from a customer in Wisconsin requesting some more solid colors. Vintage Hem has a little secret to share....look for Neenie's Cup of Tea in a new color:

I love your product! I am 5'10" and the majority of today's short dresses are unwearable for me - but now I have a (stylish) solution! Please consider making more styles in all solid colors - they are great for extending shorter skirts.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pass the Length Test!

I had the privilege of attending Brigham Young University and am very proud of my degree I earned there.

"BYU exists to provide a university education in an atmosphere consistent with the principles of the Church of Jesus Christ. This environment is preserved through adherence to a code of conduct called the Honor Code that reflects those ideals."

A moment I was not proud was when I received an honor code violation for wearing too short of a dress on campus at the testing center. It really psyched me out being humiliated in public before an exam. I remember sobbing extensively, so I had to giggle at the following note I recently received on an order:

Please get this to me asap!! BYU Hawaii has some strict rules and you seriously have the only solution to what I thought were my modest dresses (besides buying a whole new wardrobe).

Glad to aid fellow long-legged ladies in need of protection from power-tripping honor code police!