Monday, October 13, 2008

Innovation of Vintage Hem

My mother and grandmother are great role models to me.
They are so classy & feminine including perfectly manicured
nails and colorful lips. From a young age, my mom educated
me that presentation in dress is an important detail including
never showing too much d├ęcolletage or wearing too short of a
hemline. I hope I convey that to my 3 young daughters
emphasizing that the most beautiful accessory a woman will
ever wear is the smile upon her face.

Nonetheless, I am yet a woman caught up in the vanities and
frivolities of our sex. I am passionate about fabric, colors,
and textures. One day, I was admiring the ruffled hem of my
favorite fall skirt and wished that more of my wardrobe
reflected that same romantic nostalgia.

I was an avid scrapbook designer and home decorator, so I was
regularly accustomed to embellishing everything with a shabby,
chic look. The idea occurred to me that I could embellish my
hemline as well creating one slip that would add trendy layers
and much needed length to my skirts and dresses. When I would
rock my babies to sleep, I would create designs in my head while
singing them lullabies. As they got older and I was going through
a lot of personal growth, I knew that it was time for me to combine
my passion for design and my education in finance to create a
company based on my innovative slips that are meant to be shown.

As a young girl, my father showed me the beautiful mansion of
the inventor of Velcro, and I remembered that mansion in college
when my professors extolled the importance of innovation. If ever
I was going to start a business, it was going to be something that
no one had ever created before, and with my Vintage Hems I
found my Velcro!

Janine Hansen Ottley and I are bosom buddies like Anne and
Diana in Green Gables. One day, she chatted me up about an
article she had read about women entrepreneurs in Country
Living Magazine and remarked that we should start a business
together. I had read the same article and swore her to secrecy
about my new invention that we would bring to reality together.
Because I had been designing it for a couple of years in my head,
when we actually started business we got a manufacturer right
away and were selling online within 3 months. I credit the fact
that it was truly divine inspiration that all the details fell
into place so readily to make it happen. Janine and I celebrate
showcasing the beauty of womanhood in fashion while showing
reverence and respect for our divine heritage by dressing modestly.

Janine is additionally refining her talents by publishing an
etiquette blog you can find at

I am thankful for the inspiration of my beautiful daughters:
Rachel, Rebekah, and Ruth, and ever grateful to my supportive
husband Jason for helping make all of our dreams come true.

Jennifer Jensen Young
Owner, Vintage Hem
"Underneath it All, Say it With a Slip"

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