Monday, November 30, 2009


Vintage Hem added 2 more colors of our tulle slips to the half off sale! You can get antique gold and ivory HALF OFF TODAY! The antique gold is my absolute favorite tulle slip. It looks dynamite under your winter pencil skirts. You can see Have a Ball in antique gold styled above by Eliza Magazine.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Half Off Hems*

"Thank you for making such beautiful, modest accessories! This is my second order, and I am so thrilled you are having a sale so I can add to my collection!"

That is one of the many customer compliments we have received in response to our Holiday Sale. We so appreciate customer feedback and are enjoying the opportunity to thank you for your business with Half off Hems for the entire holiday weekend. *Get yours while select styles last!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Half of Select Hems for the Holiday Weekend from the Gals at Vintage Hem! Happy Thanksgiving from Jennifer & Janine.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hemlines and Happiness

This time of year when we are expressing gratitude, I especially appreciate how women of different faiths can unite on the importance of balancing fashion and modesty. The media distracts women by focusing only on their outer appearance. Raising three daughters makes me so grateful for a sisterhood among women. Together we can celebrate our beautiful divinity and can reflect our knowledge of it in our apparel. Hallie Lord recently wrote a post on The Faith & Family Blog kindly complimenting our Vintage Hems and her appreciation for how they help her keep her modest standards. We love it when people express their favor of our frills, so thank you Halle! And a Happy Thanksgiving to all!
A Little About Hallie Lord:

Hallie Lord married her dashing husband, Dan, in the fall of 2001 (the same year, coincidentally, that she joyfully converted to the Catholic faith). They now happily reside in the deep South with their two energetic boys and two very sassy girls. In her *ample* spare time, Hallie enjoys cheap wine, strong coffee, long runs, fresh flowers, vintage fashion, dark chocolate, Ella Fitzgerald and overpriced candles. She also blogs from time to time about Marriage, Moxie and Modesty with a Vintage Twist at

Monday, November 9, 2009

Vintage Hem Customer Spotlight: Mayor Love

If you have been keeping up with the news lately you probably saw this headline from The Salt Lake Tribune, "History in Saratoga Springs: Utah's first black woman mayor." The Gals at Vintage Hem would love to congratulate Mia on a well earned office and look forward to seeing the results her dedicated service will bring to pass in her community. She credits her family and friends with helping her achieve her goals in political service especially her smart & handsome husband Jason seen congratulating her in the picture posted in the Tribune below.

Mia is a dedicated wife to Jason Love and mother to her beautiful children Alessa, Abby, and Peyton. The family is very close and enjoys camping and playing together. Both parents, take an active role in the education of their children and encourage them to pursue their individual passions.
A longtime customer of Vintage Hem, Mia has lately loved Effie's Dessert in Lady Vanilla. She originally fell in love with the moss colored Damsel in Distress which she used in a fun way to embellish her Halloween costume pictured below. Mia is not a stranger to dressing up and wore an amazing 70's outfit to my Birthday Bowling Party. Her fun sense of humor endears her to all including the 6 year olds at my daughters Vintage Glam Birthday where she tried on the prom queen sash and tiara. You are never short of intellectual conversation and humorous entertainment with darling Mia around.
Mia is an adventurous woman and loves travelling, fitness, and games. She works hard and plays hard, a mindset that is shared by her husband Jason. She is a friend to everyone she meets and serves those around her in need. We celebrate Mia as she continues to enhance her community and create a beautiful home for her family.

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