Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Next Big Thing Winner

The Dallas Market Center named Sipatiniz, a spill-free martini glass the winner of their national product search, The Next Big Thing. Inventor, Renee Williams designed the glass after a fun-filled night with martinis and girlfriends that led to a lot of spills. The glass has a curved edge and straw to allow martini lovers to enjoy their favorite drink without the worry of spilling. You can get more details about the innovative glass at www.sipatiniz.com.

Good For You Girls, an organic skincare line for tweens and Vintage Hem, our slips to embellish your hemline were honored to be included by the Dallas Market Center as semi-finalists in their national product search. You can try out the amazing skincare set innovated by Good For You Girls partners Grace & Kimberly. Be sure to check out the new line Spring Tea debuted at the market by Vintage Hem.

The Dallas Market is an incredible organization employing an amazing crew. Vintage Hem is so excited about this opportunity to make new friends and share our product. It was an incredible experience and we highly recommend the The Dallas Market Center to showcase your product. If you have a new idea, you can participate in their next contest to be held in June 2009 at the Dallas Market Center website .

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